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Die Bereitstellung und Konfiguration von Hybrid-Umgebung können schwierig sein und mehr Probleme als Lösungen mit sich bringen.

Nutzen Sie Ihre Chance zu einer Fragestunde mit Michael Van Hybrid (aka Michael van Horenbeeck) in einer Reddit IamA Fragestunde an diesem Donnerstag.

In der Fragestunde können Sie Michael all Ihre Exchange Hybrid Fragen stellen, die Sie schon immer mal stellen wollten.

Datum: 23. Oktober 2014

Uhrzeit: 20:00 Uhr (11:00 Uhr PST)

Folgen Sie zur Fragestunde: 

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Asaf Kashi, Group Program Manager des Office 365 Information Protection Teams, zeigt in einem Video aus der "From Inside the Cloud" Serie, welche Technologien angewendet werden, um Kundendaten während der Datenübertragung innerhalb von Office 365 zu schützen. Ergänzend wird darauf eingegangen, welche Methoden Kunden zur Verfügung stehen, um Daten zu schützen und Datenverlusten vorzubeugen.

Die weiteren Videos der Serie von Perry Clarke, Vivek Sharma und Kamal Janardhan gaben bereits einen Überblick über die Aspekte Sicherheit, Privatsphäre und Compliance in Office 365.

Office zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort:

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Last updated: 2020-10-25

The following PowerShell scripts have been published by our Exchange and Office 365 experts to the technical community at TechNet Gallery. Please use the GitHub repositories to report issues or to file feature requests.

Exchange Server 2013Exchange Server 2016Exchange Server 2019General


Office 365Office 365


Exchange Server 2013Exchange Server 2016Exchange Server 2019Exchange Server 2013 / 2016 / 2019


Exchange Server 2007Exchange Server 2010Exchange Server 2007/2010


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Update 2020-10-05: Fetch all remote SMTP servers from Exchange receive connector logs added
Update 2020-05-25: TechNet Gallery links removed due to end of TechNet Gallery in mid-2020
Update 2020-02-07: Report for enabled client protocols, Exchange Environment Report - v2, Set thumbnailPhoto for AzureAD guest users added
Update 2019-05-07: Export mailbox delegates and SMTP forwarding information added
Update 2018-09-04: Add remote IP-address ranges to a receive connector added
Update 2018-06-16: Manage Master Category List for Shared Mailboxes and Teams added
Update 2018-04-29: Convert Word documents using PowerShell and Set Mailbox Item Private Flag added
Update 2018-01-24: Create a new Room Mailbox with Security Groups added
Update 2017-11-11: Export all user mailbox permissions added
Update 2017-09-22: Remove Out-Of-Office rules from user mailbox added
Update 2017-05-20: Parse email messages content for further processing and Update OWA vDir config across multiple servers added
Update 2017-03-18: Fetch recently created public folders and Clear Private Flag on Mailbox Messages added
Update 2017-02-22: Remove Orphaned HealthMailbox and SystemMailbox Accounts from MESO Container added
Update 2017-02-17: Test Office 365 Domain Availability added
Update 2017-02-13: Connect to Exchange Server 2013+ using remote PowerShell added
Update 2017-02-07: Create Exchange internal/external Url based certificate requests, Create a scheduled task for Exchange Server 2013 added
Update 2017-01-24: Gather Exchange Configuration Data added
Update 2017-01-05: Export Messages from Transport Queue added
Update 2016-11-29: Clean legacy public folder ACL added, Scripts categorized
Update 2016-11-28: Add multiple legacy public folder replicas added
Update 2016-08-18: Simple import of multiple PST files for a single user added
Update 2016-07-28: Change IIS Log File settings Github Url added, Create a new Team Mailbox with Security Groups added
Update 2016-06-04: GlobalFunctions added
Update 2015-06-18: Copy-ReceiveConnector updated
Update 2015-06-01: Exchange 2010 Public Folder Replication Report (UTF8 support)
Update 2015-05-21: Copy anti-virus pattern to Exchange 2010/Exchange 2013 servers added
Update 2014-12-10: Copy a receive connector from one Exchange Server to multiple Exchange Servers added


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Das Exchange Blog Cumulative Update (CU0914) fasst interessante Themen rund um Exchange Server und Office 365 (Exchange Online) des September 2014 zusammen.

Exchange Server 2013

Office 365 & Azure


Allgemeine Themen



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How many characters should have a password in order to be considered safe?

Office 365 limits the password length for users not synchronized with on-premise Active Directories to 16 characters. Can this considered to be safe? 

Office 365 administrators need to be aware of the fact that the new Administrative Tools do not show a warning when a new user is created. When pasting an initial password into the textbox, no warning is displayed. But the password itself has already shortened to 16 characters automatically.

Screenshot Initial Office 365 Password

The summary page shows the shortened password after the new user has been created. The administrator needs to pay proper attention to the status summary to notice the shortened password.

When logging in for the first time the user experience is different. The user is notified that the password cannot exceed 16 characters.

Screenshot Change password after first login

Microsoft should rethink the limitation of 16 characters to enhance the security level for user login. 


In May 2019 Microsoft introduced a change to Azure AD to support password with 256 characters in length.



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