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If you ever wanted to know about the license requirements, architectural tasks and even the IT Pro responsibilities for the different Exchange Server 2013 deployment options, you can find the answer now in the Exchange 2013 Platform Options poster.

The single-page poster summarizes the most important topics and answers the most important questions for the four deployment options:

  • Exchange Online (Office 365)
    Exchange Online (Office 365)
  • Exchange Hybrid
    Exchange Hybrid
  • Exchange Server On-Premises
    Exchange On-Premises
  • Provider-hosted Exchange
    Provider-Hosted Exchange

Even further links are provided using QR-Codes.



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All attendees of the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin received a printed version of the updated Exchange Server 2013 SP1 architecture poster.

Just three weeks after the conference the architecture poster is available for public download as well.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 Architecture Poster

The architecture poster is a valuable source of information, not only for the Exchange experts.


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