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You are still using Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2007, or Exchange Server 2010 as your primary email solution?
You cannot assess what challenges you will be facing if you want to migrate to Exchange Server 2013?

Our Exchange Server 2013 Workshop will help you to answer your urgent issues!

What is your benefit?

  • You will receive all the necessary information required for a real-life assessment Sie erhalten alle notwendigen Informationen für eine realistische Bewertung über den Einsatz von Exchange Server 2013 in Ihrem Unternehmen
  • Sie sprechen mit einem ausgewiesenen und zertifizierten Exchange Server Infrastruktur Experten, der Ihnen einen ganzen Tag Rede und Antwort steht
  • Sie erhalten eine unabhängige Abschätzung der notwendigen Investitionen für Ihr Unternehmen

The Workshop

For the 1-day workshop our Exchange Server Experts meet with you on-site at your business location.

Topics being covered during the workshop:

  • Current Email Server deployment in your infrastructure
  • What opportunities does Exchange Server 2013 provide for your company
  • Overview of the features of Exchange Server 2013
  • Recommendation of an Exchange Server 2013 implementation based on the Preferred Architecture and Best Practices Microsoft
  • Implementation options for an Exchange Server Migration
    • Exchange Online
    • SharePoint Online
    • Lync Online
    • Office Web Apps
    • Additonal options
  • Investment and Profitability
  • Your questions

After the workshop you will have all the necessary information required to decide which components of Exchange Server 2013 match your IT and business needs.

In preparation for the workshop you will receive an intial questionaire from our Exchange Server Experts. This questionaire is required to prepare the workshop.

As a follow-up you will receive a written summary of the workshop with all the important information gathered. This allows you to use the workshop as a starting point for a full implementation plan your Exchange Server 2013 strategy.

Take advantage of our experience from numerous Exchange Server deployments. Our Exchange Server Experts have successfully helped companies of different sizes and in a variety of industries on the way to transition to the always newest Exchange Server version


EUR 850,-- incl. VAT

No additional travel expenses for workshop in Germany.

Contact us by email, if you are interested in a dedicated Exchange Server workshop:


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