The REAL Exchange Server Experience

Exchange Server has been Microsoft's messaging platform for more than 20 years. In this time, the product has outlived numerous other email solutions and contended itself on the market. Since the end of 2002, Exchange Server can be operated as a Hosted Exchange Server solution to provide mailboxes and Exchange Server functionality as a service. Over the years, the offering of hosted solutions, supplemented by SharePoint Server and Live Communications Server, continued to evolve. This resulted in the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which was replaced in 2011 by Office 365.

With the introduction of Office 365, the product Exchange Server also changed. For example, many features are available in the Exchange Online cloud service only, but not in the on-premises version of Exchange Server. With Exchange Server 2019, the software distribution model has changed and the software is available for volume license customers only.

Many organizations operate Exchange Server in their local IT infrastructure and have no or limited connectivity to Office 365. There are many reasons for the on-premises operation of Exchange Server.

In recent years, the main topics of the major Microsoft conferences have changed more and more towards cloud topics. The simplicity of migrating from on-premises Exchange Server mailboxes to Exchange Online is emphasized at each event. Also, new options have been made available to establish a full hybrid setup with Exchange Online more easily.

Topics covering the stable and secure operation of on-premises Exchange Server organizations have no room at these events. It is time for a new conference.

The REAL Exchange Experience wants to address the demand for topics related to the operation of Exchange Server in an on-premises IT infrastructure.

As European Exchange Server Conference the event offers:

  • 1-day event in different cities
  • Breakout sessions on a main topic per event
  • Breakout sessions on Exchange Server standard topics at each event
  • Workshop sessions with international Exchange Server experts to discuss your questions about operating Exchange Server
  • And more

Cloud-related topics about Exchange Server and Exchange Online will also find their spot at this conference, but will not be the main topic.

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