Email Security Gatway Solution

NoSpamProxy Encryption
NoSpamProxy Protection

E-Mail Encryption and Signing

Logo NoSpamProxyAs a gateway solution for email encryption NoSpamProxy Encryption (formerly enQsig®) ensures the confidentiality of electronic communications centrally.

The central configuration of all required communication settings with your business partners ensures the highest operation standard for securing emails. Your sensitive email communication is secured by using S/MIME or PGP for signing or encryption. Transport security is ensured by used TLS.

The intuitive management interface even simplifies the deployment in distributed and complex environments.

  • Secure communication using encryption standards S/MIME and PGP, or De-Mail Standard and password-based PDF emails
  • Integration of Deutschland-Online Infrastructure (DOI)
  • Integration of ECM- and E-Mail systems with enQsig® CS (via interfaces)
  • OTS solutions for the energy sector to support EDIFACT (MSCONS, INVOIC)
  • Web Portal

Anti-Spam Gateway Solution

Logo NoSpamProxyNoSpamProxy Protection blocks spam, phishing, and malware the intelligent way.

The gateway solution helps you to protect your systems and end-users from email threats. This is even achieved with a unique ease-of-use for the end-user.

Avoid time-consuming sorting of incoming spam emails by actively refusing emails at the gateway.

  • Secure communication and information of senders in the case of spam identification
  • Level-of-Trust: Known communication partners are not rejected
  • No maintenance of static whitelists
  • Anti-Virus with Cyren Zero-Hour Outbreak Protection
  • Detailed messaging reports

ENow Management System

Mailscape 365

Mailscape - Exchange Server Monitoring

ENow Mailscape - DashboardMailscape is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements for Exchange monitoring, administration and reporting into a single solution.

Mailscape simplifies the Real-Time Monitoring of your Exchange Servers using the One-View Dashboard, which shows all important statuses in one single view. The server and status indicators are shown in colors. Each indicator, showing a status either in green, amber, or red, can be used to drill down to more details by a simple click. Following this approach, you are able to get the necessary detail information and identify an issue quickly.

The extensive monitoring capabilities, developed with leading Exchange experts, perform regular tests of the communication platform. The automatic test includes mail flow, Outlook Web Access, ActiveSync, BlackBerry, Outlook Anywhere and the various High-Availability functions.

Using Mailscape you are able to identify issues and potential problems before outages occur. Mailscape monitoring includes (i.e.):

  • Disk space of the system, database, and log partitions
  • Mail flow, inclusive SMTP, IMAP4/POP3, Exchange Online
  • Back Pressure
  • Managed Availability
  • Exchange 2010/2013/2016/2019 DAG Replication
  • Database backup status
  • Support for Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 Server
  • Support for Microsoft 365 (Hybrid, Microsoft 365 Only)
  • And more

Mailscape 365 - Exchange Online Management Tools

ENow - Mailscape 365Mailscape 365 supports your hybrid deployment by monitoring Exchange Online using proactive testing of all key components.

The innovative One-View dashboard shows all important statuses in one single view. Each indicator, showing a status either in green, amber, or red, can be used to drill down to more details by a simple click. Following this approach, you are able to get the necessary detail information and identify an issue quickly. The complex hybrid deployment with Office 365 and Exchange Online requires that all services like DirSync, Password Sync and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) are available 24/7 and are performing well.

Mailscape 365 not only supports pure Exchange Online implementation but Exchange Hybrid setups as well.

Mailscape monitoring and reporting includes (i.e.):

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), required for Single-Sign-On
  • DirSync and Password Sync functionality
  • OutlookAnywhere and OWA
  • POP3, IMAP4, and AutoDiscover (AutoD)
  • POD Connectivity
  • PowerShell and Admin Portal connectivity
  • Certificate Status
  • And more

Uniscope - Lync & Skype for Business Server Management Tools

ENow - UniscopeUniscope empowers you to gather all critical information about your Lync Server or Skype for Business Server infrastructure to provide a reliable 24/7 communication service. This supports the management of the communication environment and helps you to avoid costly downtimes for your organization.

The real-time reports support senior management staff to provide proper capacity planning for the growth of the communication infrastructure.

Uniscope was developed by Skype for Business architects in conjunction with well known Lync and Skype for Business MVPs Monitoring with real-world experience of managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise messaging environments.

Uniscope monitoring and reporting includes (i.e.):

  • Frontend Server functionality and services
  • Web Conferencing functionality and services
  • Mediation Server functionality and services
  • End-user connectivity
  • PSTN connectivity
  • Support for 2010, 2013
  • And more

Compass - Active Directory Management Tools

ENow - CompassCompass is an innovative tool to monitor all key components of your Active Directory infrastructure in a single central Dashboard and to create usage and security reports.

Compass is based on the same One-View dashboard technology like Mailscape or Uniscope. This provides a unique and constant user experience for the administrative staff across all components of the ENow Management Suite.

The monitoring agents perform active functionality tests for key components like Netlogon, AD Domain, DHCP, DNS, KDC and time service. The monitoring solution was developed by Active Directory experts with experience in managing and troubleshooting large enterprise AD infrastructures.

Compass monitoring and reporting includes (i.e.):

  • Active Directory Replication
  • Disk space, inclusive of database and log partitions
  • CPU load and memory usage
  • Network communication between domain controllers
  • DNS name resolution
  • And more