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Set ThumbnailPhoto for Azure AD Guest Users

On June 3, 2019
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When using this PowerShell script you can update the guest user's thumbnail photo to a photo that aligns with your company's corporate identity and compliance guidelines, and you do not have to rely on the Azure AD default photo.

  • This script sets the AzureADThumbnailPhoto for guest users to a photo provided as JPG or PNG file.
  • The photo file can be up to 100KB in size. This is currently not checked in the script.
  • You can either update a single guest user or all guest users.
  • When updating the user photo can choose to set the photo forcibly or only if there is no photo set.
  • The changes are written to a log file. The log file functions are part of the GlobalFunctions module.



# Set the photo ExternalUser.png for all guest users if no photo exists

.\Set-GuestUserPhoto.ps1 -FilePath D:\Photos\ExternalUser.png -GuestUsersToSelect All -UpdateMode SetIfNoPhotoExists

# Set the photo ExternalUser.png for guest user if no photo exists

.\Set-GuestUserPhoto.ps1 -FilePath D:\Photos\ExternalUser.png -GuestUsersToSelect Single -UserPrincipalName


Version History

  • 1.0, Initial community release





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