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Fetch recently created public folders

Exchange Server 2007Exchange Server 2010Exchange Server 2013Exchange Server 2016Description

This script gathers all public folders created during the last X days and exports the gathered data to a CSV file.

The script is not limited to legacy or modern public folders. It can be used with Exchange Server 2007/2010 and Exchange Server 2013/2016.

Use this script to identify users or departments creating to many folders in the public folder hierarchy. The CSV can be used to provide better guidance on public folder usage or can be used for planning public folder content migrations to other team based solutions (aka Shared Mailboxes, etc.)



# Query legacy public folder server MYPFSERVER01 for all public folders created during the last 31 days
.\Get-NewPublicFolders.ps1 -Days 31 -ServerName MYPFSERVER01 -Legacy

# Query modern public folders for all public folders created during the last 31 days
.\Get-NewPublicFolders.ps1 -Days 31

Version History

  • 1.0, Initial community release





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